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Soon is your everyday bucket list, a place to keep and discover things that will enrich your life.

Haven't done it?
Soon it

It happens every day "You just have to see the Morning Show... Have you been to Momofuku yet... I just read Belong and it was amazing..." When inspiration hits you, Soon is at your service.

Make beautiful lists

Soon arranges your want-to-do’s in beautiful lists, one for each category, so that you don’t even get the chance to mess it up.

All the info you need

Posters, previews, trailers, maps, plots, contact details... Soon automatically finds the right content for everything you put in your lists.

Turn your trip

into a playlist

Planning a trip to another city? Soon’s City List feature is the perfect tool to playlist your plans, fueled by inspiration from local sooners.

All spots in one map

That epic restaurant, the hidden club, the cosy brunch spot, shops, museums, hotels... Soon lets you collect all your plans in one list + a single map to guide you on location.

Collaborate with your travel partners

Going alone? If not, invite your travel partners to collaborate on a city list and plan your trip together.

Inspiration that


Tired of lame recommendations? Soon helps you to stay on top of the urban zeitgeist by connecting with friends and tastemakers.

What is everyone
p to?

FOMO no more... Soon lets you see what your own friends are adding to their lists, and what they think about the things they’ve done.

Selected by experts

We love playlisting, and we’re constantly publishing new selections in collaboration with leading taste makers. Have an idea for a list? Let us know :)

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